Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus, the CDC has limited the number of people allowed in this facility at one time.  Therefore the following measures will be implemented immediately.


1. The lobby area will be closed for congregating.


2. All funeral services are restricted to 60 people.


3. Physical distancing is mandated to a minimum of 6 feet apart whether inside or outside

    the funeral establishment.


4. Consumers are requested to wear face mask inside the facility.


***Specific instructions on visitation protocol will be given when you arrive***



Until the CDC has removed restrictions, this funeral home will comply with all regulations and pass on the information to our customers as we receive it.  Please continue to stay prayerful to the families affected and to our nation.  Thank you and may God bless you. 



                                                                                                 Lakeview Memorial Funeral Home


At Lakeview Memorial Funeral Home we arrange different types of funerals to meet individual needs. The main focus should always be on the wishes of the deceased. If the deceased did not express any clear wish while he or she was alive, we recommend that the relatives and other loved ones ask themselves the following questions when choosing the type of funeral:

  • What type of funeral would fit the life and personality of the deceased?
  • What effects will it have on how the loved ones will deal with their grief and their memories of the deceased?


We will meet with you personally to discuss these concerns.


We carry a wide selection of caskets on our showroom floor.  The selection of units on our floor is designed to meet your needs related to style, quality, and price.  Any unit that is NOT on our floor can be obtained to meet your needs.





A22 Golden Onyx
A60 Merlot
N01 Pearl
B15 TigerEye
M39 Carnation M39 Carnation
Libra Harvest Red
Virgo White/Pink
S41 Ivory Mist
Q88 Roman
S01 Sand
OE2 Silver Claret
S41 Silver Ebony
UG1 Silver Sapphire
J37 Sterling Rose
U46 Tapestry RoseTape
4V2 Weston
QM2 Aries Orchid
QD3 Gemini
CM1 Apollo
Family Forever
077 Cottage Rose
JF9 Golden Pearl
CY1 Leo Silver


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Crescent Memorials

Click on the link above to view products offered by Crescent Memorial including URN's for cremation.

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